Current courses at HUJI

(G) Gender and Politics - Selected Topics. Syllabus.
(U) Electoral Politics: Voters, and Party Systems. Syllabus.
(U) Research worksohp (PhD candidates). Syllabus.
(U) TELEM Graduate Workshop. Syllabus.

Courses taught at HUJI

(G) Electoral Politics: Voters and Institutions | Course page
(G) Field Seminar in Comparative Politics | Course page
(U) Electoral Systems, Voters, and Party systems: A Comparative Perspective | Course page
(U) European Integration As A Process | Course page
(U) The European Union: Politics on the Ground | Course page

Courses taught at MIT

(U) Comparative Electoral Politics | Syllabus 
(G) Quantitative Methods II | Syllabus

Courses taught at the University of Michigan

(U) European Electoral Politics | Syllabus 
(U) Federalizing Europe? Structure and Behavior in Contemporary European Politics | Syllabus
(G) Comparative Electoral Politics-Voters and Institutions | Syllabus 
(G) Institutional Analysis: Parliaments and Beyond | Syllabus 
(G) Research Workshop in Comparative Politics.